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We invite professional webmasters as well as amateur gallery builders to submit your clean galleries to us. We are in the process of constantly adding new Asian TGPs to our network so anything you submit here will also appear at any of our other TGPs within the network (where niche is applicable). By submitting here you are entering your gallery into our network database. Enjoy the free, relevant and targeted traffic.

Yes, we DO allow submitter tools. However, please set our submission page to 'MANUAL' because you will need to choose more than one category and upload a thumbnail.

Your gallery MUST follow these rules:

1. Asian themed material only. Period. We only list Asian pictures and videos. All others will be rejected.

2. Nothing illegal. That includes anything that suggests illegal. Also, don't make your preview thumbs look illegal. That's just as bad.

3. Video - Minimum 1 long (3minute) video or multiple short videos totaling at least 3 minutes of video. Pictures - Minimum 12 Pictures. Maximum of 30.

4. Must have legal rights to display all content on your page. For amateur webmasters that means you can't just grab pictures from your favorite file share site, make a web gallery and submit it. That's Illegal. You must own or have permission from the person who owns the images to display them on your page. If you put a link to their main site then owners will usually allow you to display them if you ask them first or join their referral program (bonus is that you make money this way).

5. Choose correct category. If you are totally unsure please just choose "Dump" and we will decide where the gallery best fits.

6. Recips ARE NOW required. If you appreciate our initiatives to help you deliver your gallery with our targeted traffic then please add a little link back to us and then I will review your gallery. We also do link trades through linkspun (find the userername 'VDBucks').

7. About links. 3 ads max. We know that when displaying other owner's materials that you must link to the sites they come from but don't overdo it. We will allow 5 outgoing links. Give yourself a couple 'small' plugs to your own stuff. It's ok :) Just give us a link too and we'll boost your gallery score.

8. This part isn't really a rule but it will help you in having your gallery's weight heightened by your submission reviewer for having taken special care in selection of keywords, categories and the description you provide to us in your submission. Think about it. If you are Submitting a Thai Teen Hooker or an Angeles City Barfine, mention that in your gallery info! It will help us both out.

9. This is a long term partnership. Your galleries must be permanent. We wish to work together in growing the world's largest, most comprehensive and most innovative network of Asian Niched sites to help fulfill everyone's consumerist needs in the market and bring much success to all the webmasters involved!

10. To use a recip please download the following image and use this code:

Do not hotlink. Host it on your own server or you will be banned from our entire network..

Need a new sponsor?

YOU GET LISTED ON MORE PAGES. 'Asian' cats are for unknown race only.

You may also notice that I redo some thumbs, you have not done anything wrong. I want you to get lots of clicks so I chose ones that will get people excited.

Got a TGP I can submit to? Please email me slick @ vdbucks . com

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